Below are links to online videos, trainings and games that can be used to further your knowledge about how to run a Point of Dispensing (POD) and responde to emergencies. 


 Basic POD/Mass Prophylaxis planning tools and training


The POD Game - A great way to get a feel for what it may be like to work in a POD.  The examples provide a generic idea of a POD in a fun, learning format.
Closed POD Partnerships - Great self paced training for Push Partners about Closed PODs , what to expect and and how to plan for them.
Dispense Assist - Open or Push Partner PODs - How to Dispense Medication - This video will assist dispensers with processing vouchers produced from Dispense Assist, an online medication screening tool made available by your local health department. To view this video in Spanish, click here.
Advanced POD/Mass Prophylaxis planning tools and training
Medication Labeling Requirement
A good video with a detailed overview of the requirements for
labeling medications given at PODs. Length: 2.5 minutes.


Emergency Use Authorization

This free, online course is one of many trainings offered on CDC TRAIN.  Developed by the Food & Drug Administration, and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

POD/Mass Prophylaxis RESPONSE tools
Doxycycline Pill Crushing Instructional Video  - During an anthrax emergency, antibiotics like doxycycline can keep people from getting sick with anthrax if they start taking them as soon as possible. This video is for parents of young children and for anyone who cannot swallow pills. These instructions should ONLY be used during an anthrax emergency and ONLY with the doxycycline tablets that health officials provided.

Dispense Assist - General Public - How to Use Dispense Assist - This video will assist you with printing out a medication voucher during a public health emergency. The medication voucher system will help you receive the medication that is right for you. To print your voucher, you must have access to a computer and a printer. If you do not have a computer and printer available, contact your local health department for assistance. To view this video in Spanish, click here.


Medical Countermeasure (MCM) Trainings:

An interactive and engaging training experience! Through a collection of presentations, group activities, and supporting materials, this course will promote ideas, discussion and learning about operating mass medical-countermeasure dispensing sites in a public health emergency.

Intended Audience: Public and Push Partner POD managers, staff & partners involved in mass medical countermeasure dispensing in the seven county Portland metropolitan region of: Clackamas, Clark, Columbia, Multnomah,Skamania, Washington and Yamhill.


Incident Command Structure (ICS) Classes
The ICS is the system that all Emergency Response organizations, including your City/County, function under in an emergency. If you are involved in emergency response for your organization it is helpful to understand the basics of ICS.
Basic ICS:
Introduction to Incident Command System - ICS-100
ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents - ICS-200a
National Incident Management System, An Introduction - IS-700a
Additional Courses:
Introduction to Exercises - ICS-120