While the idea of having all your Point of Dispensing (POD) workers pre-trained and ready to go is ideal, it is not always possible.  In a very large public health emergency, we will have to rely on just in time training (JITT) but JITT requires a lot of pre-event planning and a cadre of people who can train trainers on the JITT process and tools.

The tools below are a mix of JITT tools developed by the Advanced Practice Center housed in Multnomah County and specific hands on training tools developed by the Portland OR CRI program.  The JITT tools can be used for any type of POD and provide good training for the basic operations of a POD and duties of each position.  The hands on tools are designed to specifically teach POD staff how to utilize the tools created to interpret the intake form for oral antibiotics.

Not all of the tools below are required so they have been organized from most to least critical.  If you have 30 minutes to set up and open your POD, you will probably only use the required tools.  On the other hand, if you are doing a drill, you might use the full cadre of tools in order to best prepare your team.

Simple POD signs are available here


REQUIRED - POD Form and Tools (Used and Approved in the Portland Metropolitan Region)

NOTE: Updated versions coming in December 2016.  Examples below are only spaceholders.

Paper Based forms and tools

Dispense Assist based tools

Intake Form

(Translations coming soon)

Note: This Intake Form can be used for anthrax, plague and tularemia. For these diseases you can also use the online screening tool www.DispenseAssist.net. There is more about Dispense Assist to the right.

Dispenser Tool (for use by Dispensers)

Note:  Everyone visiting a POD will go through Dispensing.  A few people will need to have additional screening done based on their medical information.  Additional screening is done at Consultation.

Consultation Screening Tool Consult Screening Algorithm, and Letter of Referral (for use by Consultation)

Letter of Referral Translations to go with English version: (Translations coming soon)

Dispense Assist is an online screening tool that can be used with or instead of using the paper based Intake Form. 

Your staff/clients go to www.dispenseassist.net before coming to the POD, fill out the form and print a Voucher that indicates which medication they can take.

The Dispensing Tool has a page for use with Dispense Assist Vouchers.

A small number of people may receive a Voucher that indicates that they can not take either medication available at the PODs.  These Vouchers will have an "X" in the upper left corner. The person who received the "X" voucher will need their information put on a paper screening form.










Just In Time Training Tools

1. Start by reviewing the short Implementation Guide  or 10 minute Video so you understand the components of the JITT tools

2. The POD Supervisor (or lead person at the POD) will need the Operational Briefing Checklist to help her/him organize their briefing to the POD staff and Operational Briefing Notes to give to each of their Team Leaders so they can take notes from the briefing to their specific teams.

3. Each Team Lead will need a Training Guide that walks them through each area of training they need to cover (even includes suggested language for the very nervous), Go-Guide and Hands-On-Training tools and POD forms/tools for their specific Team. 

4. Each POD Staff will need a Go-Guide and Hands-On-Training Packets for their specific team (they may get these from their Team Leader or when they check in at the POD).



Go Guides - Each Team has a specific Go-Guide with information for each position (see Org Chart below)

Intake TeamScreening Team, Dispensing/Vaccination Team

Leadership Team, Logistics Team, Facilities Team, Health Assessment Team