Prepare Yourself and Your Family (Tools & Resources)

Below are tools or resources that we have found to be helpful in trying to prepare our own families for disasters.  If you have other favorites that are not listed here, please let us know.


Preparing Together Discussion Guide and Toolkit:

You may have heard people say that “every disaster is local” or that you and your community may be on your own for several days after a major disaster. It is likely that you, your families, neighbors, and community will have to depend on each other immediately after a disaster.

The goal of Preparing Together is to provide you and your group with easy-to-understand information and resources for preparing together for a disaster or emergency. The full tool can be found at


American Red Cross:

Map Your Neighborhood:

  • This is a great resource to help your neighborhood prepare because the more prepared they are the more prepared you are.


Tools to Download:

Emergency Preparedness Websites In the Area:

Other Organizations With Good Preparedness Sites:

Fun and Educational:



 'Earthquake Preparedness,' Part 1 of 7 (links for Parts 2-7 will show at conclusion of video)



YouTube Preparedness Video Series

This is a fantastic set of 1-2 minute videos on simple topics ranging from how to use a fire extinguisher to how to find a wall stud.

These videos were created by Washington State Emergency Management Division.